Scary Dairy

I decided to kick off this blog with a place that I have actually visited. I don’t have pictures of my won visits at the moment (on the computer at least), but I hope to have some up in the next month or so, so hopefully you can look forward to that. Now, I have made about four visits to Scary Dairy, and have never seen anything weird or out of the ordinary in terms of ghosts, however, I definitely have felt a “bad vibe” while I was in the area.

You can, however, find some pictures here.

The pictures there are pretty great, they cover a lot of the area so I would look at them.

The diary is located right outside the now CSUCI, once Camarillo State Mental Hospital. One story that I hear most often is that the dairy was run by the hospital, and the man in charge of the dairy would hire patients to work. He allegedly went insane and began murdering patients, then putting them in the food served to other patients. I have also heard that there are a lot of rituals that take place there.

It is relatively easy to get into the area. There is a gate, so if you want to go after dark, you will have to walk down a semi-long road. It’s generally open during the day though, because it’s a place where a lot of people go to try out model planes and such. You will stick to the right of the dirt road, if you are given a choice. Once you hit it though, you can’t miss it.

A brief history of the Scary Dairy suggests that a Mr. Albert “Scotty” Olsberg paid for the building of the diary after WWII, after reporting that the food served to patients was utter crap.

Feel free to share your own experiences!


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